Saturday, April 30, 2011

How can I help?

Any and all can help on the wharf building. We will need carpenters, helpers, cooks, babysitters, gophers, you name it! Please commit for a morning and/or afternoon on either Saturday or Sunday.

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Location:Elphinstone Ave,Gibsons,Canada

Wharf Building!!

Our wharfs are almost ready for assembly, we are looking forward to seeing everyone out at the Granthams Hall Saturday and Sunday, May 21st and the 22nd to help put it together. Please contact Bjorn or Jeannie for details.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Want to be more involved?

Saturday April 30th we will be having our next wharf board meeting at 3-4 at Bjorns or Claytons. Please let us know if you would like to attend.


If you have not received a receipt for your charitable donation to the Grantham's Wharf Association
please contact Signy or Michele right away and theywill arrange to have a copy made and delivered to you right away.

Wharf Building!

The new eco-float kits are set to arrive in mid-May!!!  We are
organizing a 2 day work party May 21 and May 22nd to construct the floats at
the Grantham's Hall park.  We would like to encourage anyone with carpentry
skills and/or a strong back who would like to help build the floats to
volunteer for a fun, productive weekend of wharf building!

Our new neighbors Andrew and Leslie, who have moved into the old post office
are graciously providing food for the weekend from their bakery,

So please contact Bjorn if you would like to volunteer May 21-May 22 as we put
together a community work party and together build the new floats.